Unfortunately we are unable to ship hats at this time. We hope to be able to ship again soon and we will update this message at that time. Please stay safe and take care!

“Hats of Comfort” and other items such as fingerless gloves are knit with care for women, children and men who have lost their hair due to illness, often cancer. Our idea was to create a site where you can “shop” and order items of comfort such as hats and fingerless gloves so you can pick the right size, in your favorite color and style. Our “select this item” option takes you directly to an order form. However, unlike other shopping sites, our comfort items are free.

We have shipped well over 1800 hats since we started in late 2009.
Thanks to everyone for their donations to help pay for postage.
Every penny helps!
We truly appreciate your continued support.

These knitted and crocheted items are tangible gifts that say “I care about you” each time it is worn.  It provides another small measure of comfort during difficult times, in addition to phone calls and visits.

These items are EXTRA soft since that’s extra important for those who have lost their hair and have more sensitive skin.  There is a wonderful variety in sizes, colors and styles. We can also provide customized hats in a favorite color, style or with accents such as flowers (especially popular with young girls).

We’ve posted the available hats on our Order A Hat page. Recipients can pick their own hat, or you can pick one on their behalf.

While most hats are quite stretchy, it is best if you can determine the right size. Items are grouped by categories (small, medium, etc.) and the actual measurements are also included.  For hats, this is the measurement around the recipient’s head, OVER the ears, and about 1” above the eyebrow line.  If you don’t know the measurement, email us and we can help you estimate it.

The process is very simple:

  • Preview the hats available on our "Order A Hat" portfolio page.
  • Or, simply give the web address (www.hatsofcomfort.com) to potential givers or recipients.
  • Orders can be placed as you browse by clicking the "select this item" button next to the item.
  • A special note can be enclosed on your behalf if you would like it mailed directly to the recipient.
  • And out the comfort item goes!
  • For special requests, please email details using the “contact us” page. We enjoy creating special items.
  • While no payment is required or expected, donations are appreciated and help pay for postage and yarn.  Please see the "Donations" tab for details.