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If you have questions about ordering a hat or other comfort item, or would like to see if a custom hat (a particular style, color or other request) can be made, please submit your request below. We will do our best to respond promptly.

If you would like to make a donation (although no payment is required or expected) please go to the "Donations" tab for details.

If you have questions about what size to order, you may wish to measure your own head (over the ears, and above the eyebrow line) and estimate the recipient's size by comparing your measurement to an estimate of the recipient's head size. Not exact, of course, but our hats are usually very stretchy. Also, remember that a head without hair is about 1" less than the usual measurement.

If you prefer a phone call regarding your question, you can leave a phone number and suggest some convenient times to call. However, we are a volunteer organization, and usually an email is the most efficient way to correspond.

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