Thank you so much for considering a donation to Hats of Comfort. We have shipped well over 1800 hats since we started in late 2009, and postage is our greatest expense. Every penny you donate goes directly to the US Postal System!

To donate,

  • If you have a PayPal account, you can donate directly without fees to either of us. The email address is:, Be sure you indicate it is a donation, rather than payment for an item.

Yarn or Hat Donations

We always appreciate receiving soft* yarn, or donations of knitted or crocheted hats and other comfort items. Tube scarves and turbans made of a soft fabric are wonderful as well. We are also glad to accept previously-gifted hats that have been laundered as part of our hat-recyling program. Please note that we can only include EXTRA soft items on our website, to avoid irritating extra-sensitive skin. Please feel free to send us yarn or hats so we can continue to share them with those in need. Send them to:

Hats of Comfort
2002 Crestwyck Circle
Mount Joy, PA 17552

*Note: Typically, wool is not soft enough for Hats of Comfort. We recommend synthetics - usually anything with the word "soft" or "baby" in the yarn is fine.

Make and Donate A Hat

If you would like to donate a knitted or crocheted hat or other comfort items, we have included a few suggested patterns on the Hat Patterns tab, but feel free to use whatever fun pattern you may have. We love variety!

Thank you for providing a small measure of comfort during difficult times.