We are proud to help bring a small measure of comfort during difficult times. To find out more about what we do, please see below.

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"I just received a pair of gloves and scarf today, and wanted to extend my gratitude. It's so nice you sent them to me.. I ordered them so I was fully prepared for the upcoming winter. They're beautiful so please tell who ever made them that they did such a great job! It's great having organizations like you guys around .... It's little things like getting something cool in the mail that is cheering me up right now. It was perfect timing today too that I came home feeling sick from chemo and saw those and it cheered me up .. From the bottom of my heart thank you!" ML

"Dear Hats of Comfort Ladies,
I am so impressed with the work you are doing! I was the recipient of one of your hats 2 years ago, and it was such a comfort when I lost my hair due to chemo. What a wonderful way to use your talents and skills to send comfort! Thank you so much for the rich gift you gave me during a very difficult time. " BH

"Hi! Just Wanted to thank you guys for my hat!! I love it !!! I will be wearing a lot since I just recently lost my hair. Thank you so much again! God bless you !!" C.

"Thank you again for your wonderful hat. My mother simply loves it, and won't take it off! She hopes this donation helps just a little, and wishes it could be more!"

"I received this wonderful hat today and can't thank you enough! This is the most comfortable cap I have! It also looks amazing! Thank you Cynthia, Sue and Lois!! I looked at this website with my daughter ... (can't imagine now wearing anything else, forget the wig!!) however I actually don't see anywhere to purchase :( I will happily make a donation but wanted to ask if it would be ok for me to request maybe one or two more. I will be making a donation shortly to your wonderful organization regardless! Thank you again for such a wonderful and amazing hat!! I LOVE IT!" R.M.

"Hello there!
Wanted you to know that I received ... the hats today. How beautiful and soft they are! Your kindness is more than appreciated. You are truly my cancer angels. Thank you for the generosity of you and the other wonderful people within your organization!
Blessings and prayers, K. A.
PS. By the way... I loved the new style aqua hat!"

"Dear Hats of Comfort
Thank you for the beautiful hat. I love it! It's so soft and will feel great on chilly evenings. Getting that package really made my day in one filled with doctor appointments and insurance hassles. Thanks again!" L. C.

"I don't have a question - I just wanted to say Thank you very much for my beautiful hats!! I got them in 2 days and they are beautiful and soft. I greatly appreciate them! Thank you for what you are doing - its a WONDERFUL thing!!!" L.L.

"No question, just a Thank you! I so appreciate the beautiful hat you sent me and wanted let you know how much we going thru treatment are encouraged by your kindness. Thank you, Cynthia, Lois, Sue and Erin. Please know I will think of all of you as I wear it. Thank you again." M.S.

"I wanted to present this donation as a token of my appreciation and thanks for the hat I received. It fits great and is very comfortable. I sleep in it and wear it when lounging at home. It has brought me great comfort. Thank you again for all of your kindness. " M

"I received my white hat in the mail today. Thank you so much it is perfect! It is just the right size for my little head! LOL I love my hat and I will wear it when my son and I go on our camping vacation with my cousin. I am blessed to have you ladies that care so much for others and I thank each and every one of you. I will not forget you."

"Thank you for sending your love and caring with my hat. It's angels like you that bring hope to someone suffering.

"Thank you so much for my lovely hat. I received it on Tuesday and enjoyed it for the first time today. The hat did bring me comfort and wearing it made me no longer want to be invisible."

"Thank you so much for the hat. It fit perfect and is very soft. Sorry I did not say thank you before but my Mom has been in the hospital for over a month and now is out and settling down a little. It is a great thing you do for cancer patients. My sister had someone make my Mom a hat and it is not nearly as soft as yours. My Mom can even sleep in hers..Thank you so much again!" B.B.

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful purple hat. It arrived only a few days after I made my selection. Going through chemotherapy has been the most difficult thing that I have ever had to do. The wonderful purple hat has made having a bald head a little easier to deal with. Thank you again for the wonderful service that you provide. Saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough. Thank you again. A.S."

"Surprised to receive the beautiful periwinkle hat so very quickly? I love it and it is so pretty and fits so much better. THANK YOU ALL VERY ,VERY MUCH! : ) " B.L.

"Dear Hats of Comfort,
Thank you so much for the hat you made me! I love wearing it and they hide my baldness so beautifully! Thanks you so much."

"Dear Hats of Comfort
Thank you so much for the absolutely adorable blue tweed cloche. It's absolutely darling on, eliciting all sorts of oohs and ahs from my teenage daughters! If you get a positive response from the teen-aged fashion police, you know you've got a winner on your hands! I know I will feel cute in my "Hat of Comfort" and we all need to feel cute--so thank you so very much! " J

"Dear Friends; Got my hat, it was so much cuter then the picture even. I wish too, to thank all the friends that do this, esp. mine named Cynthia, Lois and Peggy.............I totally love it and the thoughtfulness that goes in every stitch......am totally grateful.........Sincerely, A. L."

"Could you pleases send me the information to send a donation? Thank you so much. My friend D. is grateful to have your soft cap to keep her head warm throughout the night. D.B."

"I just wanted to thank you so much for everything! ...
All the girls loved their hats, especially me, they are beautiful! ...
I just wanted to let you know that we did receive them yesterday and they are wonderful! J.L."

"Your hats will go (to my friend in) the original wrapper, tissue paper, and note all included. Thank you for this great kindness. You offer the blessings that make us all feel loved and cared for in a most practical way. Truly a reminder that we should all care for one another. Again, thank you. B."

"Thank you so much for the lovely hand-made hat. I love it and it fits nicely and looks nice on. I will keep my eye out for more yarn (to donate.) L.D."

"I am blown away!! We arrived home last night after being away for the weekend and your hat was already here!
It was only a week ago that we talked about the colors. And best of all, it is so cute and fun. The colors are perfect and I
just love what you did with the pattern - the little fuzzies sticking out and the little dots of color all around. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, and time and effort in personalizing this hat for me. I can't wait to give it to her!!! Most gratefully, J.P. "