We are so very appreciative of all the support Hats of Comfort has received, and would like to use this page to acknowledge contributions and support.

A special thank you to Susie in California, who is a prolific knitter. She gifted Hats of Comfort with an enormous box of 100 beautifully knit hats, the result of her relaxing hobby. Thank you so much Susie, these are wonderful hats, and will be much appreciated!

We'd like to thank the many students in Linda Leimbach's occupational therapy class at Elizabethtown College for knitting and crocheting up a welcome supply of hats! Students learned to knit or crochet to eventually be able to assist their future patients to recover their fine motor skills. At the same time, they created a wonderful and welcome supply for Hats of Comfort. Thank you all for your wonderful donation!

Knitters and crocheters from the Butler, PA area took on our "cause" at an early stage, and sent an enormous box stuffed full of beautifully knit and crocheted hats. What a wonderful thing!

A grandmother in central PA ordered customized hats for her young granddaughter. She was so touched by the hats that in addition to her own monetary donation, she organized a fund raiser at her worksite and contributed the proceeds to Hats of Comfort. That contribution paid the postage for over 50 hats!

Thanks to the "C" family, who have been industriously knitting a marvelous variety of hats--all sizes, all colors, and wonderful yarn! We appreciate your enthusiasm and generosity.

The Junior Fleece to Shawl team who competed and won their first Fleece to Shawl weaving competition at the PA Farm Show in 2011 donated a significant portion of the funds received from auctioning off their winning shawl. This contribution has helped us pay for postage throughout 2011! Note that the oldest person on this team is 15 years old!

Dayna Reidenouer initiated an interview of the Hats of Comfort team for the Merchandiser publication in the Lancaster, PA area. The coverage and color photo was wonderful, and led to additional interest and inquiries about Hats and our group.

Lori Burkholder of WGAL, the local TV station, interviewed the Hats team, resulting in the video link, in loving memory of Tina, that you can access from our website. This has led to a substantial number of additional requests and support.

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition also sends out flyers on our behalf. Their efforts to raise awareness for Breast Cancer causes, as well as minister to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, has helped us make women aware of our service.